Full Name: Warlord Glen, Mallet of Providence
Current Home: College Station, TX (Kingdom of the Wetlands)
Date started Fighting: August, 1998
Date of Warlord or KSw: Warlord 2015, KSw 2017
Handedness: Left
Glen takes a very methodical approach to combat, with a solid underlying theory of fighting mechanics as the basis for his fighting. His florentine style is heavily influenced by the Rogue school, while his shieldwork is an amalgamation of many influences.

He has taught at SKBC for several years, and has been flown out to teach at several events. He teaches florentine, board, footwork, power generation, women's combat, drills, training, style analysis, and a number of other classes. Glen was last in the Viridian Outlands in December, when he won the VO Weaponmaster.