For Students

Information for Students

What to Expect?

SKBC is a 2 day training course, where you will be exposed to techniques and methods that can help you improve your fighting, mental assessment, training, and coaching methods.

What if my class is full?

All classes have a limit, which is a number we have arrived at using a combination of previous experience, instructor feedback, and a deck of playing cards. If your class is full when you register, you may still register, but keep in mind that overly full classes may be pruned or become difficult to follow.

How is Class Assignment Ordered?

Classes are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. If your name is in Red on a class, you are an over-the-limit student. Instructors may exclude students over-the-limit if it would otherwise detract from the class experience. This very rarely occurs. Every instructor has a different method for determining their limits in the class.

What rules will we be using?

In general, SKBC is run under Amtgard Rules of Play, version 8.0. There is some variation in local cultures with respect to hit calibration, and instructors will make an attempt to adjust to the local calibration requirements. Visitors from heavier-calibrated regions of Amtgard, and from games such as Belegarth and Dagorhir should not the hit calibration requirements. If you are in doubt, ask one of the instructors.

Dress & Garb

Always dress appropriately to the region and climate. SKBC is a garbed event. A tunic is appropriate. Athletic gear, such as cleats, protective gloves, knees, elbow, wrist, and ankle braces, and sweat-wicking/anti-abrasion shirts are allowed and encouraged. You will be outside for several hours each day. You can and will get a sunburn, even in the frozen wastelands of the North where the sun is seen only at the moving-pictures house.

Grappling, Bashing, and Other Fun Stuff

Grappling, shield bashing, kicking, and other fun stuff are not generally acceptable at SKBC, particularly during the ditch. All of the instructors and many of the students have experiencing (some times extensive) cross-gaming and with these rules. If you ask, most instructors are probably more than happy to grapple, kick, or shield bash you, as well as provide insight into how and when these maneuvers are appropriate.

Please note that you should not engage someone in these styles unawares. Some of our instructors are infirm, or are otherwise suffering form incipient geriatric conditions, and are fragile.


We encourage cross-gaming! SKBC is not an Amtgard event, it is a boffer sports training event. We get regular attendance from Belegarth, Dagorhir, Alliance, Nero, and Darkon. We have instructors from most major boffer sports.


The event includes three meals per day Friday and Saturday. Meals are usually simple. We typically have limited capacity to support dietary restrictions, please be prepared to provide your own meals if you have special dietary requirements.


Most sites usually include cabins, although some sites are predominantly camping sites. Please review the information on this site prior to coming to the vent. All event sites are located near hotels or motels.

One-on-One Time

The last instruction period of each event is one-on-ones with instructors. Each instructor provides about six 10 to 15 minute individual instructor periods. While we encourage students to seek out specific instructors, staff will be on-hand to help direct you to instructors based on your educational requests.

What Does "Advanced" Mean?

Advanced classes work on specific elements of fighting technique. There are generally two types of advanced classes: weapon combination classes and technical classes.

A weapon combination class is similar to "Advanced Sword & Shield" and will cover specific shots, foot placement, set-ups, and alternate or esoteric techniques. In general, you should be comfortable with basic shot placement, the basic selection of shots (wraps, chops, flat-wraps, hammer shots), and basic stance and motion.

A technical class will cover specific techniques or skills which are general to all fighting styles. These classes tend to be more conceptual, and will typically revolve around the mental aspects of fighting strategy.

What Kind of Classes Should I Take?

While we encourage everyone to take classes which interest them, we recommend that you consider taking a mix of basic classes. Even our instructors will sign up and take basic courses offered by other instructors, because these classes get to the fundamentals of fighting, which are the most critical aspect of your game.

Additionally, you should look for classes which have few students signed up. You will get more face-time with the instructor. All of our classes are vetted for content, and we do not offer classes which are not an important part of every top-end fighter's repertoire. You may be surprised what you can learn from an overlooked class.