Full Name: Cyric (Chris Aubin)
Current Home: Seattle, Washington (Inland Ocean - Redmond Washington, Within the Northern Lights)
Date started fighting: July 1997
Date received Warlord or KsW: Warlord Jan 2010, KoSw Jan 2012
Best Skill: Sword/board or Flo.., situational evolution
Handedness: right
More info: Cyric’s Amtwiki
Anything else: Keep it simple. Basics gets the job done much more often than not. Learn the basics and build a solid foundation of offensive and defensive skills. Drill these base set of movements until you can do them in your sleep. Practice them against people who are trying their best to stop you. Fight as much as possible and you can be well on your way to greatness.

FWACK Comments: This is Cryic’s third year as an instructor. He has a proven ability to communicate with all levels of students.