Full Name: Duke Sir Guy Kasama
Current Home: Iron Mountains Crown Lands
Date started Fighting: September 1990
Date of Warlord/KoSW: September 1993/July 1997
Best Skill: Florentine
Handedness: Ambidextrous
More info: Guy’s Amtwiki

Personal Message: In order to stay competitive in fighting through two decades has had several challenges. All of these challenges have been overcome by being strong mentally, strong physically and adapting to an ever evolving game. The mental game has become second nature and the physical game has become work as the years have progressed. After taking a couple of years off I have been truly excited about this game these last few years and have placed consistently at the top since being back winning a few and never being out of the money in the toughest tourney kingdom in Amtgard. Am I as excited by that as I was when in 1990, 1993, 1997, 2001? Absolutely. I have seen a lot of up and comers, Sword Knights and Warlords over the years. Some have stayed and some burned brightly for a short time. I would love the opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge with you if you have the heart and will to dominate.

FWACK Comments: Guy was one of the originators of the idea of SKBC, an original FWACK member and the first Headmaster (we now call the position instructor liaison). He took several years off SKBC for career development but we are glad to have him back both as an instructor and as a member of FWACK.