Full Name: Sir Dalos of the Golden City
Current Home: Austin Texas
Date started Fighting: Holy shit who knows around 89 or 90 I guess
Date of Warlord or KSw: March 2005
Best Skill: Sword and Board
Handedness: Right
More info: Dalos’ Amtwiki
Anything else: If you can win you can win with flash. On a serious note I like to teach a style, that involves heavy use of proper footwork, body positioning and fakes. A strong focus on these fundamentals will put you in situations most advantageous for victory.

FWACK Comments: Dalos came to SKBC One as a student; or maybe to keep Arthon company. Since then he has been at all of them. He is the only person that has never been a member of FWACK who as attended all of them. Dalos has taught a wide variety of classes, including almost anything you can do with a shield. His Advanced Sword and Shield classes often are the highest rated style classes on the end of event surveys.