Full Name: Peter the Quick
Current Home: Bettendorf, IA
Date started Fighting: August 2001
Date of Warlord or KSw: Warlord Nov 2010
Best Skill: Two Sword
Handedness: Right
More info: Peter's rather limited Belegarth wiki

Anything else: I believe in a very structured style of fighting. Based on sound defensive and reading skills, and forcing your opponent into predictable situations which herald predictable results. Having trained heavily with Spynthrift a lot of my core structure stems from his ideas and ways of fighting, however since receiving my warlord I have worked hard to refine what I learned from Spyn modifying or streamlining old ideas and, ultimately expanding upon that ground work to create my methods for fighting

FWACK Comments: Although Peter started as a Belegarth fighter and still fights in that organization more than any other, he has cross trained into Amtgard intensively and has earned his Amtgard Warlord. He is a veteran SKBC instructor, a longtime member of FWACK and a fantastic fighting resource.