Style Analysis


Limit 15

This class is aimed at the middle level or higher fighter. You should have the basics of chops, stabs, wraps, blocking, and basic movement down, as well as have at least a basic idea of the “why” behind fighting choices. Class will begin with a brief discussion of things to look for, both in your own fighting style and in your opponent’s. An evaluation checklist will be provided to complement this discussion. We will also discuss how to work through observation of a style. The bulk of the class will consist of sparring matches, where one opponent will receive style feedback, both positive and negative, from both the instructor and their fellow classmates. We will cycle through all students so everyone gets feedback. Learning to observe and give feedback is part of the class, so don’t worry if you’re not good at giving fighting feedback yet. For this class, bring yourself and your preferred melee fighting style. A chair isn’t a terrible idea, since the majority of your time will be spent analyzing other fighters. A notebook is also a good idea for recording feedback so you remember it next week.