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Each year SKBC travels to a new location. Unfortunately that makes it rather difficult for the SKBC staff to autocrat the event each year. So instead, we divide up the responsibilities. Each year we seek bids from around the country on where SKBC should be held. At Rakis FWACK (the committee that operates SKBC) will meet and go over all bids and make a final decision on all bids received. The site will primarily be chosen based on the details of the bids but factors such as distance from the previous sites, benefit to foam fighting groups in that area, and ease of convincing instructors to go will also be factored in. Bids can be sent to Mikeyhog(at)gmail(dot)com or raion(dot)no(dot)yoto(at)gmail(dot)com.

What must be on the bid

  • Concrete site information (Site info must contain what is listed below)
  • General budget (It doesn't have to be that specific, that can come later)
  • Feast plans
  • Point of contact and any other support staff that will be involved.
  • Details for a weather contingency plan.
  • A blurb on why SKBC should be hosted in your area.

Site Needs:

  • Open fighting space for twelve different classes with at least two of the spaces being large enough to hold team fighting classes.
  • Running Water
  • Electricity
  • Lit Ditch Field enough for one hundred fighters on the field at one time. Cheap yet effective example can be found here.
  • Some sort of covered area (pavilion, barn, etc) for nighttime lecture classes.
  • Space for one hundred and fifty people to camp. If there are no cabins on site, hotels must be nearby for those instructors that travel from out of kingdom.

Local Site Autocrat Responsibilities

  • In charge of the entire budget. This includes giving us an idea on the costs at least four months ahead of time and setting a gate fee that will not lose the event money. The FWACK Autocrat will aid the local autocrat if there are any questions about the budget.
  • Obtaining the site. This needs to happen at least six months prior to the event.
  • Providing at least four feasts. This includes lunch/dinner on Friday and lunch/dinner on Saturday. The food doesn't have to be anything special but instead just good wholesome food. Often times the local autocrat will not take care of all of these feasts but instead will delegate to various companies/households in the region. This can include the option of donation breakfasts for those two days. View here for the examples of menus.
  • Gate guard. The local autocrat will be responsible for providing gate crews and collecting all monies for the event.
  • Help with request for instructors. Since the instructors are flying from off site, the local autocrat will aid the instructors in obtaining whatever teaching materials they might need.
  • If insurance is needed, the local site autocrat will do the research on this.
  • Making copies of the gate flyer and schedule. The original will be provided by the FWACK Autocrat but it will be up to the local autocrat job to make the copies for the event.
  • Have a contingency plan for bad weather. This plan must include details on how to continue the event during ongoing bad weather. This plan can include further cost to the event if required. For example, the plan for bad weather might include renting out a local Gym at an additional cost of $500. This allows both the FWACK and local autocrats to make decisions on the fly if weather acts up. If your site contains enough covered area for all classes, then your weather risk management plan might be as simple as to move all classes under cover.

FWACK Responsibilities

  • Invitation of all the instructors.
  • Advertising including web site and mailing list spam.
  • Setting the general schedule of classes and making sure that the event runs on time.
  • Event security. If there is a problem with the breaking of mundane laws, the SKBC staff will handle that part of security along with the local autocrat.
  • FWACK will be financially responsible for the event. If monies are needed prior to the event to cover any costs, FWACK will be the ones to take care of this.

For more information, please e-mail Will (MHOG) or Noah (Megiddo) at Mikeyhog(at)gmail(dot)com or en(dot)gannim(at)gmail(dot)com.

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